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A Tale of Friendship’s Impact on Desperation in Isolation

(Nashville, Tenn.) – The role of a mother is not an easy one, despite its rewards. Women often feel alone and are worried about being judged as they try to be “the best mom that they can be” while juggling life and navigating all that motherhood throws at them.

In a recent Gallup analysis of more than 60,000 U.S. women interviewed during 2012, stay-at-home moms experienced elevated frequency in negative emotions. The study revealed that 41% felt worry, 26% sadness, 50% stress, 19% anger, and 28% depression. And although their working counterparts reported lower levels of unrest, employed mothers
still experienced 34% worry, 16% sadness, 48% stress, 14% anger, and 17% sadness on a given day. To that note, a Pew Research survey revealed that 40% of working mother always feel rushed, compared with 24% of the general public and 26% of stay-at-home

Motherhood, no matter employment status, can cause women to feel overwhelmed, tired, and even a failure in their attempt to live up to their “best mom” expectations. Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson, two mothers who have been to the edge and back, are sharing how a venture in mother mentorship changed their lives forever, in a new book Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe set to release in January 2013 during National Mentoring Month.

Their book tells the true story of two friends encouraging each other in the midst of a journey of motherhood—a young mom needed input, encouragement, love, and grace, and an older mom who has been through all of the seasons to speak into her life from a perspective of wisdom. Each chapter also includes a brief Bible study to help readers turn to God for direction during their journey.

“Sally and I want to encourage real-life mentoring relationships, and hope to do that by allowing people into our relationship,” says Sarah Mae.

Clarkson notes that “we live in an isolationist culture where few know their next door neighbor, most live far away from their families and mega churches create anonymity in life. Consequently, mothers are more alone than ever before in history, raising their children without the benefit of the loving community of family and friends. Add to that the myriad of voices and the prolific information that flows every day on the internet, mentorship allows women to find which women are using as substitute friends, and women feel confused, don’t know which needed help and/or assist others philosophy to follow, and end up feeling like a failure.”

“There is a plethora of positive findings in relationship to youth mentorship and business mentorship. But I receive thousands of emails, comments, and letters from women all over the world who feel like they lack direction, support, and encouragement in their roles as a mother. When Sarah Mae and I became friends, I ‘adopted’ her, and began to see anew the
heart’s cry for other young moms to have companionship and support in this journey as a mom,” adds Clarkson

“Mentoring is a must, and it’s biblical. Just look at Titus 2: 3-5, and what Jesus did with His 12 disciples. We need each other, we were made for relationships and soul investing. Mentoring, friendship, and having an advocate can change your life, and I’m proof of that,” states Sarah Mae.

“We hope that by taking this journey in literary mentorship, mothers will walk away knowing they aren’t alone in how crazy or desperate they feel. That they will recognize that they are normal and don’t have to be alone,” declares Sarah Mae. “We want them to learn and receive wisdom, seek out a mentor, vision to persevere now, and eventually serve as a mentor doing for another mother what they had desperately needed.”

Sarah Mae, listed as one of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “Six Women Leaders to Follow on Twitter,” is an influential blogger, Allume national Christian women’s blogging conference host, and is co-author of Desperate and author of the best-selling ebook 31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way. She makes her home in the beautiful Amish country of Pennsylvania where she celebrates life with her husband and three children. Follow her online at,
sarahmaewrites, and on Twitter @sarahmae.

Sally Clarkson is involved in ongoing discipleship and teaching ministries to women, parents, home schooling mothers, and Christian mothers and their children. She is the co-author of Desperate and author of numerous books and articles on Christian motherhood and parenting; and leads WholeHearted Mother Conferences. Clarkson is an international speaker, has appeared on television and radio programming, and has spoken in the United States Congress. Her websites and each receive over 100,000 unique visitors a month.

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