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I hold these pages, words of Sarah Mae’s and Sally’s, that are a gift to every mother, that welcome mothers everywhere out of hiding and loneliness and into a fellowship of sisters and mentors, that will make you feel not alone, that will make you feel that there is real God-given hope.

Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts

I was surprised by Desperate. I didn’t expect to laugh, to sigh, to learn and wish I had read this book when I was a young Mom.  Desperate won’t offer you formulas but great ideas, a new perspective and a deep authentic transparency.  You’ll feel like Sarah and Sally are your friends on the mom road.  Trust me!  You need this book!  I’m buying it for all my friends who are in the mom stage of life.

Linda Dillow, Author of Calm My Anxious Heart and What’s it Like to be Married to Me?

Sarah Mae represents so many women who long to be good mamas to their little ones, and Sally embodies the mentor so many of us wish we had. They have given us a gift with the words on these pages—a peek into their conversations about what it means to persevere through the tiring days of parenting small children, and a glimpse at what it’s like on the other side. Desperate is powerful encouragement for young mothers to parent with intention and hope, and for older mothers to prayerfully seek out and mentor a mom just beginning. I am grateful for both of them.

Tsh Oxenreider, author and blogger behind SimpleMom.net

As a mom of three young children, the mixture of crying, needy little people, cleaning up of bodily fluids, and lack of sleep have been more than enough to land me in some desperate places over the last seven years. And that’s why I so appreciate this book by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. Instead of heaping guilt upon moms by giving them impossible-to-live-up-to formulas for perfect parenting, Desperate offers a refreshingly-needed message of grace for weary moms. If you’ve ever struggled with feelings of inadequacy in your mothering, you need to read this book. I guarantee you will be blessed!

Crystal Paine, moneysavingmom.com

Nobody places expectations on themselves quite as heavy and overwhelming as mothers. And no one is quite as hard on themselves when they can’t live up to their own impossibly high standards. In this book we get to listen in on one new mom processing that tension as she is lovingly encouraged by the kind of mentor mom we all wish we had. Sarah Mae and Sally share honest snapshots of life in the sleep deprived trenches and offer a lifeline of hope to moms everywhere. Each chapter begins with a candid email exchange between the two that welcomes us into a safe place to process the challenges of motherhood from the perspective of both a newbie and a veteran. If you’re a tired mom who doesn’t have time for a day off, this book might be the next best thing. It was for me.

~Lisa-Jo Baker, Social Media Manager for DaySpring, Community Manager for the website incourage.me and blogger at LisaJoBaker.com

If ever a mothering book was crafted for me, this is it! Like Sally I have been a mom for a while. I have older kids, each with unique personalities, talents and challenges. Yet like Sarah Mae, I’m also a mom of a busy toddler. This book seeps wisdom and truth. I breathed a sigh of relief to know I’m not alone in my parenting struggles. As a reader I felt part of their friendship circle, and I found hope, answers and assurance within these pages. I can’t recommend this book enough! Read it alone or read it with friends…but read it!

-Tricia Goyer, best-selling author of 34 books, including Blue Like Play Dough: The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of

With Desperate, Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson touch the tender, innermost depths of a mother’s heart. Sarah Mae articulates the struggles that may have remained unspoken in all of us. She is courageous and breathtakingly honest while giving voice to the real challenges of motherhood and the frailty of a woman’s soul. Sally Clarkson answers those anguished thoughts with sage, sound, gentle mentoring and the kind friendship of a woman who has walked the same path. Together, they offer today’s desperate (or even simply soul-weary) mothers hope, encouragement, and a tangible roadmap for navigating the rough paths along motherhood’s journey.

—Elizabeth Foss,
author, Small Steps for Catholic Momsand Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home

Many motherhood books leave me feeling overwhelmed as I struggle to implement their hindsight ideals into my nitty gritty days. Desperate is different. Between Sarah Mae’s real world “right in the thick of it” honesty and Sally’s depth of experience, each chapter both comforts and inspires. It reads like coffee with a compassionate friend and a trusted mentor.

Kat Lee, writer InspiredToAction.com

Every single mom needs to read Desperate! Sally and Sarah Mae have hit right at the heart of an epidemic that is sweeping our nation. In our fast-paced culture of today, Moms are more exhausted then ever, lacking mentorship, and needing real encouragement…and a break. Desperate will bring sweet comfort to the your soul and inspire you to embrace the role that God has given you like never before.

Ruth Schwenk, speaker, writer, and creator of www.thebettermom.com

Any mother – whether she is gasping for air or invigorated by her calling – will feel profoundly encouraged by spending time with the honest, wise, and compassionate Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson in Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. Though I wasn’t feeling particularly “desperate” when I read this book, God used it to breathe great life into me, surprising me with newfound courage, inspiring me to draw near to Him, and beckoning me to thrive in my home.

-Laura Booz, mother of 3, author of Blogger Behave

Desperate is an inside look at the heart of so many young moms today. We are in a world of overachievers who want to be Olympic gold medalists at all they undertake, including motherhood.  After a number of years, and four grown fantastic kids, with children of their own, I’ve learned a couple of things.  None of us are gold all the time, and on some days we’re not even bronze, but our goal ever before us is what pushes us on to excellence. For the many times that I messed up and handled life ineptly I’ve prayed the same pray for my family, “Lord, please restore the years that the locust have eaten,” either by fatigue, short temper, lack of patience, disorganization.

Sarah Mae and Sally have given us insight into their struggles and how God has used even these instances to show Himself mighty on their
behalf, as He will in the lives of each who read it.  It’s another transparent look at my Wonder Girl, Sarah Mae, and her mentor and friend, Sally Clarkson.

Ginny Walls, mom of four, writer at GinnyWalls.com

Desperate is raw and real, gritty and glorious. Sarah Mae and Sally confront the dark side of motherhood that no one
likes to talk about, with the gentle frankness of moms who have walked that hard, lonely road; and offer light and hope
to all mothers, no matter their season of mothering. Desperate is truly a must read for any mom who has ever felt
alone, sad or overwhelmed; so essentially, all of us!

Jessica Heights, author of 100 Pound Loser, co-host of Allume, author of MutheringHeights.com

Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson are the perfect duo. Through Sarah Mae’s transparency, all mom’s have the chance to
exhale. Then as we breathe in Sally’s words of wisdom and hope, a healing balm covers the weary mom’s heart. Sally
and Sarah’s compassion for a generation of desperate moms and their faith that drives them to the foot of the cross, will
propel women forward as they seek to live the life, God intended for them to live!

Courtney Joseph, Women Living Well Ministries

Powerful, captivating and gut-wrenchingly honest; if this superb book could get into the hands of every mom, our world
would drastically change, for the good! It’s a new classic for a new generation.

Kristen Habermehl, author & speaker from MyHeartAtHome.com

The authenticity of real life from these heart felt women is what draws me in and gives me the courage and motivation to keep pressing on. They don’t offer formulas or point an all-knowing finger down at any mother. They write from their own perceptions of failure, hard places, and experience. They offer hope as mother’s who have felt hopeless. This is by far the best book on mothering I have ever read.  It is a must read for every mom who feels they are less then perfect and have been in a place of desperation for help. Help is here.

Christin Slade,  joyfulmothering.netchristinslade.com

Vulnerable yet practical, honest yet grace-full. The greatest gift within these pages is the encouragement and freedom
to mother just as you are.

Amy Lynn Andrews, author of Tell Your Time and AmyLynnAndrews.com

I can’t think of a better message for moms to read as we all strive and struggle to be that “perfect” mom. I love how Sally
& Sarah Mae share from their hearts, their disappointments, heartbreak and offer much needed wisdom, compassion
and understanding. This book is a must read for all moms!

Angela Perritt, author and co-creator of GoodMorningGirls.Org

Empathy and camaraderie from a mom in the trenches with little ones. Wisdom and mentoring from a mom who
survived, and thrived in, those same trenches! Sarah Mae and Sally provide an encouraging experience for mothers,
sharing real struggles and a journey to hope. I found much refreshment and renewal as a mother in these pages!

Erin Mohring, author of HomeWithTheBoys.net

Reading this book is a vacation for the soul. Breathing, laughing, relating, and finding yourself in these pages is such a
treat. Whether you are the younger mom who feels desperate or the older mom who reassures, or maybe a mixture of
both, you are sure to find truth for the journey in this exchange of letters. The ideas expressed here are not new, they
are divine principles based on God’s word. Yet, they are presented afresh by Sarah Mae and Sally in ways that today’s
moms can relate.

Renee Parris, author and speaker; Hear My Heartbeat

Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe is pretty much what I found this book to be, hope. I only wish it had been
around 15 years ago when I was struggling and overwhelmed as a first time young mother. Sarah Mae, is candid and
venerable about her struggles as a young mom. Young mothers will identify with many of the trials that Sarah Mae has
gone through. Hope is just around the corner for those who find themselves desperate. Sally Clarkson offers offers
wise spiritual insight birthed from her own life experiences and years of discipling women. I was greatly encouraged and
inspired. Finally a book to share with the young, desperate, moms in my life.

Cherie Werner, author of TheWerners.org and writer/contributor for MomHeart.com

Reading Desperate: Hope For The Mom Who Needs to Breath is like sitting at a table in a coffee shop, listening in on a
conversation between two women… one of them a young mother and the other a mom whose children have all grown.
The questions Sarah Mae asks are the same as mothers of young children have had through the ages and Sally Clarkson’s
answers are practical and never condescending.

Desperate is quite different from any book Sally has either written or co-written before. It is put together in such a way
that a busy mother can read a short section during nap time or tuck in her purse and read a few pages while the children
play at the park. I highly recommend this book for any mother needing a little advice and a lot of encouragement.

Brenda Nuland; author of CoffeeTeaBooksandMe.Blogspot.com; Writer at the Mom Heart blog

Every mom I know has been desperate at some point in her mothering journey, either for a break or break thru. Without a doubt, motherhood is the hardest work I’ve ever done. Desperate reminds mothers they are not alone and offers the beautiful truth that our desperation is the perfect place for His glory.

Kristen Welch, author of Don’t Make Me Come Up There

Desperate is a wonderful balance between two ends of motherhood.  Sarah shares raw and detailed emotions about mothering young ones, as she is currently in the heat of it with her 3 small ones.  Sally brings the wisdom from a mother who has been there, and ran the race well, very well.  This book touched on many emotions; both in how I feel now, how I have felt, and how I hope to feel one day as I look back on my mothering memories.  This book isn’t only for the “desperate” moms, it is for ALL moms.  Those of us who don’t feel quite as desperate can learn {or be reminded of} how vitally important it is to reach out to mothers around us who are struggling.  We are all in this together as moms who love Jesus and Desperate is a beautiful reminder of this.

Carisa Hinson, writer at 1plus1plus1equals1.net

Expelling the myth that being a mom should be a breeze for every woman who loves her child, Desperate examines motherhood with an honest lens. Authors Sarah Mae and Sally peel back layers of unfounded cliches and lofty expectations to send a message of hopefulness to moms of young children.

Desperate is beautifully and smartly written. It is filled with Biblical truth,timely encouragement and practical examples sure to provide solace to the hearts of all moms who just need to “catch their breath.”

Angela Nazworth, writer at incourage.me and AngelaNazworth.com

Desperate is the book I would have loved to have in hand twenty years ago.

Organized as a set of letters between young mama, SarahMae and veteran mom-mentor Sally Clarkson, this book is
a treasure trove of reassurance, guidance and truth for new moms and older moms alike. SarahMae’s heart-honest
questions and Sally’s Biblical, grace-filled answers made me feel like I was listening in on a real conversation … and
indeed, I was! This is the book I’ll be wrapping for baby showers, referring confused moms to, and picking up again and
again myself when I need a dose of grace in the difficult days of mothering. The conversational style is engaging and
accessible while the wisdom contained is priceless! I’m grateful this book has been written. And I think you will be, too.

Misty Krasawski, author of www.encouragingbeautifulmotherhood.com

Sarah Mae and Sally’s words are compelling, captivating, and entertaining. Mothers may be knee-deep in dishes and
diapers, but they’re destined to change the world. The fusion of personal stories, brutal honesty, and biblically-based
wisdom make this book a timely gift to a new generation of women. I’m left with renewed vision and deep gratitude.

Katy Rose, fellow writer at Momheart.org

Every mom who has ever felt alone, inadequate and overwhelmed will find her own heart on the pages of ‘Desperate’ and drink in relief as she realizes she is not alone. This is a book written not merely on the page, but upon the hearts and real lives of its authors. Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson have hit the mark, giving us a beautiful blueprint of mentorship and hope for a new generation of moms who long so deeply for companionship and help.

Kristen Kill, Editor of MomHeart.org

Motherhood is an emotional roller coaster ride. One moment finds you blessed and proud; the next leaves you stressed and drained. The ups and downs wreak havoc on your heart, often knocking the wind right out of your maternal sails. Desperate is a moms manual for what to do–and what not to do–when you feel the ride is just too scary and you don’t know how you’ll ever hold on. Sarah’s honest questions and Sally’s seasoned advice, laced with biblical insight and hopeful encouragement, will enable mothers of all ages and stages to find strength amidst the struggles, calm with every climb and peace in every plunge.

Karen Ehman, Proverbs 31 Ministries Director of Speakers, author of six books including LET. IT. GO. How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith, wife of Todd and mother of three

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